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Rediff.com  » Movies » Sneak preview: Gangaajal

Sneak preview: Gangaajal

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August 28, 2003 23:07 IST
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  • Ajay Devgan's imposing act. Yet again he proves why he is the smartest actor of his generation by picking up an author-backed role and making the most of it.
  • Mukesh Tiwari. Five years after he made his debut, this brilliant actor finally gets a role worthy of his talent and executes it with passion.
  • Wayne Sharpe's soulful background score. When was the last time you even noticed background music in a Hindi film?
  • Arvind K's polished camerawork. No, there's no Switzerland, or Shimla even, but the cinematography makes the sleepy town of Wai in Maharashtra look truly beautiful.
  • Crisp dialogues which extol the idealism that is so conspicuous by its absence in everyday life.


  • A serious Shool (directed by E Niwas, starring Manoj Bajpai) hangover. Yet another honest cop struggling to surmount the corrupt milieu he lives and works in.
  • Gracy Singh's character. Apart from getting second billing in the credits, she has nothing to write home about. She does not even attempt to leave a mark on the proceedings.
  • The mandatory item number, which the writer-filmmaker may claim is justified. Some of us are sick to death of watching inadequately dressed women dancing before leacherous men.
  • The plot meanders in the second half and the director loses his grip on the proceedings.
  •  The climax has a déjà vu feel and reminds you of Jha's own Mrityudand.

You may not find too many things you have not seen before. But it is still heartening to watch good triumph over evil yet again, especially since you only get to see it in the movies these days!

Look out for the full review of Gangaajal in a few hours!

Deepa Gumaste
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